Week 5 Day 5: Psalms of Wisdom

Read Psalm 112
Personal Bible Study

  • Here the Psalmist directly connects generosity with our fear or reverence for the Lord.  How are the 2 connected?  Why is generosity a requirement for God’s people?
  • How does a stingy or even greedy heart endanger our faith?
Family Discussion Guide
  • What does it mean to delight in God’s commands?
  • How does this writer describe the person who does delight in obeying God?
  • Do you delight in obeying God?
Daily Reflection Questions
  • What fundamental truth does this text reveal?
  • How does this text inform the way God intends me to view myself, others, my circumstances, and the world?
  • How can I apply the truth of this text to my life in a practical way?

Community Conversation Suggestions
  • Did these passages strike you as strange?  Are you surprised language like this is in scripture?
  • Do these Psalms change or add anything to your perspective on what is acceptable to pray for?
  • What do these Psalms teach about the nature of God?
  • Of all the passages in the Bible, why do you think these particular Psalms are included?

Spiritual Formation Activity
Sharing Godly Wisdom
  • What wisdom have you gained by being obedient to the Lord?
  • What wisdom did you learn through disobedience?
  • What Godly wisdom would you like to pass on to your children or others that you love?
Write down the wisdom you have gained in your walk with the Lord and share it with someone you love.

Weekly Memory Verse
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who practice it have a good understanding.  – Psalm 111:10.






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