Good Old Days

I remember a lady telling me one day that she wished she could go back to the "good old days" that she enjoyed during her college days. I knew that she was responding to many unpleasant days in her present marriage. Her perception was that the college days were free from responsibilities, full of fun and romantic times. But I suspect that during those days full of classes, tests and worry over high tuition fees were not as good as she remembered them to be.

Too often the past days of our lives create too many bitter memories. Many were the nights when we pondered our failures and disillusionment. We would say that we were dealt a cruel hand in our lives.

God through David told us how to look at the past, "I remember the days of old; I meditate on all Your doings. I muse on the works of your hands." (Ps. 143:5) The memories that renders the highest good are those times we remember the loving-kindness of the Lord and there are many of those.

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